Bleeding Ink Author Spotlight – Phil Temples

Welcome Sci-Fi enthusiasts to the Author Spotlight

Phil Temples has written flash and short sci-fi/fantasy for over ten years for his own enjoyment. He recently participated in National Novel Writing Month with a full length mystery novel. Phil works as a computer systems administrator at a Boston-area university. He lives in Watertown, MA.

Bleeding Ink Tale:  Last Call

Ink Babes: Welcome to the Author Spotlight, Phil. Let’s start with you telling  us a little bit about yourself.

PT: I’m a computer geek who works at a large university in Boston. I’m married, with no children. I’m a fan of good — and some not-so-good movies. I’m an avid ham radio operator. I also play around with a garage band – mostly I beat a tambourine while singing harmony.

Ink Babes:  Haha! We see the word “ham” could be applied to more than just radio operating!   What sparked the idea for your Bleeding Ink tale?

PT: I’ve always been a science fiction fan, and this story gave me the perfect opportunity to write a short tale where one of my favorite all-time scifi shows figures prominently into the plot.

Ink Babes: Your tale had us thinking,  hmm…what if? You never know who or what could be sitting in plain sight. Kind of frightening, actually. Are you afraid of anything unusual?

PT: No, just the usual common-variety sorts of things: like, pain, suffering, and being subjected to rap music.

Ink Babes: What is your favourite genre to write, Phil?

PT:  Unquestionably, that would be fantasy and magical realism. I love to exploit the “O. Henry” endings.

Ink Babes: And what are you working on now?

PT: I’ve been polishing a slightly longer novelette-length science fiction tale revolving around the characters in a circus in the 1930s.

Ink Babes: Sci-fi and the circus…sounds interesting.  What book is on your bedside table?

PT: That would be “Mile Marker Zero” by William McKeen. I discovered him recently on Facebook. He grew up in my hometown in Indiana, but he lives and works just a few miles away from me.

Ink Babes: Social networking is so important for authors. It’s how we get our names out there, with the hopes avid readers will find us and our published works. Who is your favorite author?

PT: Dead–would be either H.P. Lovecraft. His works scare the hell out of me. Living–Patricia Cornwell and her “Kay Scarpetta” series. I especially appreciate her strong female protagonists.

Ink Babes: You’ve told us that your wife is your biggest supporter, even thought she gets turned off by some of your darker stores. Is there anyone else who supports your writing?

PT: I’m getting a lot of constructive criticism and encouragement from my good friend, Michael Keith.

Ink Babes: Ah! A fellow Bleeding Ink contributor! Imagine that! Friends published in the same anthology. That’s so cool!

Phil, thank you for stepping into the spotlight. Would you would like to say anything to our Bleeding Ink readers before we dim the lights?

PT: Well, in the immortal words of Gov. Sarah Palin, “I want to give a big “shout out” to all of you storytellers out there. Keep up the good work!

Did you enjoy this spotlight feature? Have you read, “Last Call”, Phil’s Bleeding Ink tale, if so, what did you think?  If not, would you like a chance to read this story and many others?

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Ever Yours,

The Ink Babes

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