They Bleed Ink

The ideas flow from his mind,

Words spilling out make room for more,

Creativity courses through his being like a virus,

Being eradicated from his soul,

Writing is a compulsion,

It’s his life.


Plots and characters, dark and sinister,

Come forth to tell their stories, relentlessly,

They won’t rest until they are released, freed,

Letting them escape onto pages,

She can’t stop writing,

It’s a passion.


The realm opens, darkness sweeps through,

Setting free the worlds invading their thoughts,

Bloody corpses, creatures of the night, and day,

Inspiration abounds, a tomblike process,

They know what it’s like,

To bleed ink.


     Poetry (from the Greek ‘poiesis’/ποίησις [poieo/ποιέω], a making: a forming, creating, or the art of poetry, or a poem) is a form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning. (Taken from Wikipedia/Poetry )

Poetry may evoke different interpretations to the words or evoke emotive responses. Poetry often leaves readers with multiple interpretations of the poem. Poetry may not always rhyme, may have styles, techniques or forms from different cultures, languages, but it is as much an art form as storytelling or any other art form.

Here at Bleeding Ink Anthology, we accept all forms of poetry, but they should leave the reader with reason to pause and ponder what is being said in the poem. It could include dark, supernatural, occult, or creepy elements, or it could contain an element of humour, but it must invoke a response of some kind and perhaps leave us wanting more.

Feel free to send us your scary, dark, or twisted poems. We’d love to read them and consider them for this anthology.

And may all your dreams be creative and useful,

Ever Yours,

The Ink Babes 




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