Bleeding Ink – A Collection of Dark Tales

An anthology compiled by writers to create a platform for other writers to share their unique works with readers everywhere.

Ink Babes believes to write is to bleed ink.

As writers ourselves we know writing is an emotional and fulfilling experience. It’s a form of expression that allows our creative energy to flow from our writer’s souls and into our pens, coloring every word, phrase and passage. Bleeding Ink gives writers an opportunity to share their emotionally charged works with the world.

Upon the pages of this anthology you won’t find romance and candlelight, but you’ll find plenty of captivating and thought-provoking stories sprung forth from the interesting minds of today’s new and seasoned writers – tales that are a little dark and a bit twisted – and a wide variety from which to choose your favorite.

Every work included in Bleeding Ink has been chosen carefully to entertain, thrill and leave you wanting more.

We are writers at heart and every writer has a tale to tell.  We hope you enjoy the ones we’ve complied in Bleeding Ink…

Ever yours,

Ink Babes

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