Who are the Ink Babes?

We’re three women who sought a way to bring together wonderful writers, great stories, and package it into something dark and delicious. And we’re not talking chocolate.

Not enough for you? Check out our bloody bio’s for all the gory entrails.

Patricia lives in Ontario, Canada with her family and two dogs and two cats. She has a love of reading and writing supernatural stories.

Valeria’s Knight was picked up for publication by both Night to Dawn Magazine and Dark Gothic Magazine this year. Happy Birthday Honey,
Making Choices, Together Forever, and Artistic Escape will be published by PillHillPress in their anthology, Daily Flash 2012 (The Leap Year Edition)
Allie’s Clown, an urban legend story was published online by Dark Valentine Magazine this year. The Angel Wars, a collaboration with Tammy Crosby, was recently published by PillHillPress in their  anthology; The E-pocalypse, Emails at the End.

When she’s not writing, Patricia loves designing, decorating, renovating, and doing anything creative. Having spent many years in the corporate world, she’s now at home and doing the things she enjoys.

 Patricia is hard at work completing her first manuscript, although is also working on two other full length novels, and also has time to squeeze in short stories since the ideas never seem to stop flowing. You can follow her personal writing blog.

As a member of an online writing group, she found personal and professional connections with her two cohorts in crime here, Tammy and Lisa and they’ve been good friends since first exchanging words and critiques.


Lisa is a singer and a performer who loves writing dark, paranormal, romantic and young adult fiction as an extension of her artistic expression. Deathly Quiet, her bloody tale of dark fiction is available at MuseItUp Publishing. Later this fall, her flash fiction stories Reclaimed, Thief, Ascension & The Whispers will be published in Pill Hill Press’ anthology – Daily Flash 2012 (The Leap Year Edition). Earlier this year her short-story entitled Hope was acquired by Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing LLC and her twisted 50-word story Writer’s Block was published online at fiftywordstories.com Her Young Adult short-story Leapling will be released by MuseItUp Publishing in July 2012. She’s loving every moment of collaborating with Patricia and Tammy, two passionate and driven women who inspire, motivate and propel her forward toward a thrilling future. Lisa lives in Quebec, Canada with her musician husband and three amazing daughters. You can visit her website or blog for more….

Hi hi! *waves* 🙂

My Creds: Pill Hill Press anthology – Daily Flash 2012 (The Leap Year Edition) ; ‘Bloody Vampire Kissed Me Dead’ and ‘Twas The Night Before Blood Moon’. Pill Hill Press anthology –  The E-pocalypse; Emails at the End ‘The Angel Wars’ co-written with my writing partner Patricia Hollett. My 50-word story Both Light and Darkness May Blind was published online at fiftywordstories.com. My poem Bound has been published by the Poetry Institute of Canada in an anthology entitled Fire & Light, estimated release January 2012. Currently I’m completing a dramatic lit novel as well as the beginnings of a YA novel.

I’m thrilled to be working on this collaboration with Pat and Lisa, we have large goals and big dreams together.

For your further stalking pleasure feel free to check me out on my personal blog. 😉

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