Wolf At The Door

Sweat drips from my hair and trickles down the side of my face. I wipe it away. My back sticks to the leather chair as I bear the discomfort of the early-summer heat permeating my claustrophobic flat.

A tick-tock pounds in my head like a persistent woodpecker. I glare at the clock on the wall—the source of the cacophony—as I rummage through the drawer looking for an aspirin. I find the bottle… but it’s empty. I toss it in the trash.

Keep going…

I try but there’s scratching at my door. It’s the wolf again. He wants his story told.

Go away! Don’t you understand? I can’t think with this heat!

The wolf doesn’t listen; his claws continue to grate the inside of my brain as I stare at a blank page. I tune him out, closing my eyes for a moment. My mind drifts to a white sandy beach, a frosty drink, and cool blue water rippling up to touch my toes…

Snap out of it! Focus. You’ve got a deadline.

And then, just like that, an idea hits me. It’s one that suits me on many levels.

I am going to kill off the wolf.

Oh… yes…

I look over at the door and a smile slithers on my face – like you read about.


InkBabes Press’

BLEEDING INK – A Collection of Dark Tales

Ever Yours,

The InkBabes

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  1. Just wanted to make sure that you got my contract and info all I got back was an auto reply that said that you were no longer accepting submissions. sallyawolf@gmail.com

    • Dear Sally,

      Yes we did receive it. We are in the process of compiling for publication and will be in touch shortly.

      Ever yours,

      The Ink Babes

  2. michael c. keith

     /  June 7, 2012

    Hi Ink Babes, Is the anthology out? Not sure. Mike

    • Hi Mike,
      The Anthology is in the final stages. We had a few delays but we’re back on track.
      We’ll contact everyone via email with official updates.

      Ever Yours,
      The Ink Babes

  3. wolfnight

     /  August 8, 2012

    yeah I like it ..


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