The Beast

The Beast lies within me. Building, growing.

I feel her.

She waits for her release so that she may have her way with my hand.

Begging me now. Pleading to do as she pleases, say what she wants, be who she is, to be free.

I try to fight her, but I know I will lose. She always wins.

Sweating, I try to continue to read the pile of submissions but it’s a useless effort. No longer can I focus on the words scrawled upon the pages. All I see now is red. Loving, blissful, red.

Let me out


You will, I can wait

My hand tenses and begins to twitch, this way, then that. I’m losing control. It’s winning. She’s winning.

NO! You cannot, I will not let you!

Yes, you will. And you love it too, you know you do.  

The grimace on my face is bitter and yet hopeful at the same time. Of course she’s right. I do want it. I want it so badly. My palms are sweating now, moist, like my lips. My breath is quick.  

Ever so slowly, my fingertips creep their way down.

Nearly there. Yes. I can feel it now. Warmth, heat, until…

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh please, yes!

Deep inside my secret place fingers delve and plunge, seeking what they crave until, at last, release. Triumphant and spent I pull the red pen from its hidey place at the back of the hidden compartment in my desk drawer.

Free at last

My fingers hold the pen as the proper treasure that it is. A gift beyond all gifts.

Impatiently I grab the closest stack of papers and begin to release its power one cruel edit at a time. 

Slash, stab, slash, edit, stab, slash, cut, delete, correct, slash, hack, slice, edit, stab some more….

Oh the joy of it!  How foolish not to see me for what I really am.

We belong together, you and I.

Yes, we do. I will never store you away like that again.

From now on I will only use that hideyhole for a proper purpose,  like, eyeball collection storage.

Submission deadline is looming, March 31st! Get your ghoulish goodies in before it’s too late. We promise to be gentle. 😉

Ever yours,

The InkBabes

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  1. LOL, great twists within, oh the agony, the editor within us all cheers for the pen of redness, the ruler of writers. Incidently is it me or does the red pen always seem to have ink in it no matter how much you use it?

    • haha! Yes you’re right, unlike any other color, we never seem to run out of red. It’s a conspiracy. 😉

  2. LOVE THIS!!

    • Okay, so there are ghouls in my laptop, posting before I had a chance to finish singing my praises to you Tammy!!

      Very clever post and ever so true….. We’ll be getting our glorious fill of bloody-red ink in a matter of days!

      Loving every bit of this project!

  3. I loved this! It’s unique. It’s different. And it appeals to the editor in all of us. I’m itching to get a red pen out after reading this! Great stuff Tam!! 🙂


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