What IS this thing called Dark Fiction

Truthfully, it varies across the web by definition, but here’s our general take on what it means to us.

Dark Fiction can be highly entertaining, funny even, BUT it should always maintain an element of depth. It should be thought provoking enough to accomplish one thing; make us stew over it for days!

In the hands of one writer, it could be full of blood and guts and gore, while in another’s, a quietly creepy emotional journey.

Long story short, dark fiction should leave us feeling disturbed, but in all the right ways.  So send in your submissions that’ll make us quesy, make us cringe, surpise us, make us a little green around the gills.

Do your best make us sleep with one eye open…or better yet, not at all.  

We DARE you!

Happy writing Darklings and may your words make you unforgettable. 

Ever yours,

The Ink Babes

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  1. I have a bizarre sense of humour and often dark horror really makes me laugh at the same time that it grosses me out or scares me. Love it!

  2. Dark fiction does mean different things to different people but you’re right about how it should leave you. Disturbed. I prefer emotionally disturbed to the gore and guts. I love the character that seems normal on the outisde but messed up inside, the character you think couldn’t be you-or could it?

  3. To be honest I think I have a twisted writers humour. I usually like to twist the knife in addition to the other things within.

  4. I’m sucker for dark fiction that can give me chils without spilling a drop of blood. Not an easy thing to accomplish.

  5. Love the post! Well done Tammy! Love the pics! 🙂

  6. Yes! My favorite genre – I like to mix it with YA, is that wrong of me? Gorgeous site, girlies:)

  7. So… it’s not dark fiction if you wrote it at night, with the lights off, using only a small torch for illumination?

    Dang! I knew I was missing some of the genre subtleties…

  8. We really enjoy the commentary we get here on our site. You’re all wonderful supporters and we really can’t thank you enough. 🙂


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